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As an author he has written for the vampire anthology Liber Vampirorum: Last Blood and for comic books published by his publishing house. Bela's other hobbies include acting and he has appeared in many German television productions, including episodes of Alarm für Cobra 11 and Tatort , as well as in Gonger for the German television channel ProSieben in 2008 and in the film Ein Göttlicher Job . In 1985 Bela portrayed one of the main characters in Richy Guitar , a film about an aspiring rock band which also starred his Die Ärzte bandmates Farin Urlaub and Hans Runge. More recently, Bela played the lead role of concentration camp prisoner Hans Steinbrück in the 2004 film Edelweißpiraten . In 2005 Bela's acting roles included a role in the short film KINGZ (directed by Benni Diez and Marinko Spahić), which was produced by the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg , as well as the role of Ronnie in Barbara Gebler's crime parody, Salamander . In 2007 Bela interviewed his favourite director, Quentin Tarantino , about the film Death Proof for the German newspaper Die Welt [7] and later had a cameo role as a cinema usher in Tarantino's 2009 film Inglourious Basterds .

Olli Schulz - Mach Den BiboOlli Schulz - Mach Den BiboOlli Schulz - Mach Den BiboOlli Schulz - Mach Den Bibo


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